How You Can Be A Motivational Speaker

Do you have something to say that is unique and uplifting? Do you have the charisma to stop a room in its tracks and listen? If so, you may be considering motivational speaking. There are different paths you can choose including personal or business motivational speakers. However, in today’s world, the expectation of a great speaker is not what it was even ten years ago. With so many people out there attempting to become a great motivational speaker, what sets you apart? Let’s dive in and see.

1.  What’s your message?

In the world of now, most things have been done before. So, what are you saying that sets you apart from the rest? The best way to find a unique message is to look at your strengths and become knowledgeable in your field. People will only want to listen to someone who knows what they are talking about.

2.  Are you prepared to speak to large crowds?

Another, seemingly obvious, aspect of becoming a motivational speaker is being able to speak to large crowds or in loud places. If stage fright affects you, then this is not the right career, but even a comfortable speaker will be challenged. It is difficult at times in large areas to make the speeches that will grab people’s attention. This can become frustrating, but you have to power through those tough crowds without letting them see you sweat.

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3.  How can you command attention and inspire change?

The last piece to the puzzle is taking hold of a situation and commanding the attention of the room. This appears like an innate trait, but can be practiced. People respond better when they see confidence and listen more when someone speaks without hesitation. You want people to listen and you want them to change something about their life. Eliciting change from your listener will lead to them advertising to friends and family about how impactful you were on their lives.

While being a motivational speaker is not easy, it can be very rewarding and inspiring to both the speaker and the listeners.