What Do Business Cards And Dodo’s Have In Common?

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Do you remember when you got your first business card? You were probably in your twenties and like graduation and the debt of student loans it meant you were now a grown up.

Do we still need business cards? Getting in touch through the internet is so quick and once you know the convention getting someone’s email address is so easy. Yet this is not the case. The business card is alive and well.

Printed business

There are plenty of business card printing anaheim ca companies who know the market for printed business materials and cards is as healthy as it ever was. It is not simply a question of supplying a dying demand.

You probably need to be sitting down for this. Twenty-seven, that is 27, million that is 000,000 business cards are printed every working day.

Assume we get new cards with a new job, with a change of title or a promotion. Now equate that to your needing 2,000 cards a year. Let’s imagine you work for 45 years, your entire business card needs for your working life would be 90,000. In your entire career, you used 0.3% of the print run for one single day. Even if you got through 250,000 in your business life you still add up to a measly 0.9¼% of one day’s print.

Simple Math

Assuming these are simple prints – not foil or a special finish – just the cheapest business card out there, the market value of business cards is approximated $16 per thousand cards. Are you still sitting down? The daily sale price of the 27,000,000 is $432,000 per day; a $157.5m dollar business annually.

Turns out that what the dodo and a business card have in common is nothing.